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Enjoy a game about fairies and download the fairy screensaver!

Play the game Feyruna - Fairy Forest! Follow the story through 60 levels and unlock 3 minigames. Non-violent game play and 3 difficulty levels suit players of all ages. Visit the screenshot gallery for more ingame-screens.

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Feyruna - Fairy Forest, a Casual Game
Screnshot of Feyruna Screensaver

Watch the fairy venturing through an enchanted forest. Evil creatures like goblins and firebirds try to distract her. But spells of fairy magic will drive away the dark forces.

View some screenshots:  -1-  -2-  -3-  -4-
or download hires screens.

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This website, the Feyruna game and the screensaver
have been created by Jochen Kaercher Gamedesign.
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